Family Church Erie is a safe place with ministries that every person in the family can enjoy.

At Family Church Erie, we know that everyone wants a place to fit in; to belong. We expect there to be great growth within the church within the next year. Because of that, we are planning to setup a number of great ministry programs aimed to get you around your peers and get involved in the church. For more information on upcoming ministries go to our contact page or visit us for a service. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also want to join our communications lists.


Nursery is available during our Saturday night 5:50 PM service for ages crawler through 5 years. The lessons and activities are designed to appropriately tend to each age child’s interests and abilities. In the nursery, we do have a nursing area.  Mothers with infants are welcome to bring their babies in there if needed. 

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